What are our major challanges ahead?

  • Let´s have the guts to do things differently

  • Let´s see the big picture

  • Let´s encourage new ideas for the future


Elon Musk´s sister said it felt like he had traveled into the future and came back “to tell us all about it”. Future and Back combines a fascination for new technology and ideas of the future. This is also a tribute to Elon Musk. Future and Back creates media following the tech of the future, at the moment the Starship, the starlink satellites and the full self-driving feature of Tesla.



It´s has been more evident than ever in the 2000s that the climate is changing, that it impact the earth, humans and animals and that we can´t do things as we always have. The increasing amount of greenhouse gases, like CO2, CH4, N20 and O3, meaning Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous oxide and Ozone, have been released into our atmosphere and trapped the heat from the sun to leave earth. The only solution now seem to be to stop creating these gases, like stop using energy sources of the past, as of oil, coal and nuclear (especially when there are many alternatives such as wind, solar and water) and not take down earth´s forests which capture carbon. If not? A global warming mean for us humans a rising sea level, floods, droughts, extreme heat, infectious diseases and wildfires. Big parts of the animal kingdom is also threatened.


There´s something for everyone. Democracy comes in many shapes and forms, but which one is the best? Is there a fit-all size? Democracyportal is a springboard to democracy initiatives and new tech and solutions. Let´s protect democracy and at the same time invent it anew. New digital technology and social media open up for sharing knowledge and continous development on the democracy ideals of representation, participation and deliberation. When do elections in the representative democracy take place? Concerning the participatory democracy, it is more complex and innovative. It consists of two parts, political influence attempts and direct democracy. Political influence attempts in itself contain two parts, petitions and protests, demonstrations and manifestations. Petitions are becoming digital, in government and civil society, and people are takin it to the streets. Do you know which countries have the e-petition in government? Do you want to get an instant feed on the urgent e-petitions to sign? Want to know where where protests take place in real time and when tear gas is used by police? Want to grow you community on direct democracy?

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Is democracy on the decline? Or instead working better than ever? Why is the climate getting worse and how does it affect us? What can we do? What's all this buzz about electric vehicles when we know Tesla is the best? And let's go to Mars already.


What's this buzz about EVs when we know Tesla is the best? Let's go to Mars already. Is democracy working better than ever? Is the climate getting worse?